Detangling Brush
Detangling Brush
Detangling Brush
Detangling Brush

Detangling Brush

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This brush was designed specifically for natural hair, using widely spaced, flexible bristles that glide through without ripping or tearing your hair.

The magic is in the butter

Our product is special. We take pride in using organic all natural products that are very mild in fragrance and also good with sensitive skin. There is nothing like a good hair mask to bring your hair back to life, whether you're desire is to grow your hair, revive it from sun damage or colour treatments, Love Aimée hair mask will rejuvenate your hair and lock in tons of moisture. You will see tons of improvements in the texture and appearance of your hair after just one use. Our hair magic is designed to bring your curls back to life, nonetheless its benefits are great for all hair types. Our goal is to educate and provide amazing products that will actually work. Our main two ingredients are listed below with their benefits. This is something that differentiates us from a lot of other hair masks. Our holy grails: Cupaçu and Murumuru butter.

Cupaçu Butter

Cupuaçu derives from the Amazon basin, it is abundantly found in the jungles of Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and in northern Brazil. For years, the people of the Amazon have been using this plant as a luxurious moisturizer for their hair.

Cupuaçu butter is a soft, creamy butter that is pressed from the seeds of the Cupuaçu tree. Cupuaçu butter has a high fatty acid content. Fatty acids are important for hair health because they help stimulate hair growth at the follicle, combat dandruff and dry scalp, and they increase the amount of shine in the hair.

Cupuaçu butter is able to absorb up to 4Xs its weight in water making it the perfect solution to dry, parched hair, this means that it can lock and seal moisture from water deep into the hair strand for longer periods of time.

Murumuru Butter

Murumuru butter is made by extracting the rich, white-yellow fat from the seeds of Astrocaryum murumuru, a palm tree indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. Murumuru butter is rich in vitamins and Omega acids which are essential components in the treatment and maintenance of healthy hair. Because of its thickness, this butter maintains the elasticity of curly hair.

This butter restores hair health, treating dry and damaged hair with intense moisturization. A lack of moisture can cause frizzy hair. The hair shaft contains an outer layer known as the cuticle. When hair is dry, the cuticle is rough and swells, causing a frizzy appearance. Murumuru butter has a high lauric acid content, a fatty acid shown to penetrate the hair’s shaft. This allows for better moisture retention and sealing of the cuticle, resulting in softer, more hydrated hair.