About Us



One of the biggest things us Naturals look for when caring for our hair is the holy grail product that will make dry hair a problem of the past. We are constantly looking for a product to give our hair long-lasting moisture that will keep our curls bouncy and soft. We usually reach for coconut oil or shea butter as the ingredients of choice for the moisture we crave. Shea butter has become a staple in the natural hair community, but what if we told you that there is other butters that’s readily available and even more moisturizing and hydrating than shea butter? We have found the secret and it has even more benefits for natural hair. Our goal is quite simple. We want everyone to discover self acceptance and self love, and with us natural girls it sometimes starts with our crowns. Not enough curly hair products are made by women with curly hair let alone by a coloured woman and this brand is created by both. This products will change your hair journey forever, and like all good things the beginning may be a little scary, but we are here with you every step of the way, and we hope you will be right there with us as we grow.

About the founder and ceo

Hi my name is Aimée, I am a entrepreneur, artist and model. I'm mixed with french and Nigerian, born and raised in Toronto. My hair has been my staple for as long as I could remember. I grew up ashamed and embarrassed of my hair. I started doing relaxing treatments, anything to look more "polished" and less "wild" as they would say. It happened pretty suddenly but one day I remember telling myself I was going to embrace who I am and get my curls back. 3 Major chops later and my hair is longer than its ever been.

I often got asked what products I use in my hair and could never give anyone a straight answer, I was constantly experimenting and trying new things. Finally I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a formula that was all natural and would actually work. It took some time but as soon as I discovered the secret to providing intense moisture I knew I couldn't keep it to myself.

Our hair is beautiful and we have just lacked the knowledge on how to take care of it. I hope I can help everyone through their hair journey, one strand at a time.